Reprochem offers a full range of articles for the realization of gravure cylinders and not only.
Consultation and technical assistance in the development of products for multiple specific application in the individual reality, are the strong points of the company.
The production includes:
– Chemicals, accessories and additives for the full galvanic process
(Additives for copper plating and chrome plating, galvanic baths ready use, degreasing and polishing pastes…)
– Abrasives and polishing stone for cylinders finishing
(Wheels for smoothing and finishing iron, copper and chrome cylinders, abrasive papers in sheets or rolls of various grits and sizes)
– Products and tools for engraving and etching
(Chemical solutions of different kinds for etching metals, one way stylus, …)
– Filters of various sizes and degree
(filters in microfiber cartridge, cotton or active coal of various sizes and degree of filtration)
– Tools and equipments for quality control of the production process
(Hardeness tester, roughness meters, 3D and 2D microscopes, …)
– Doctor blade for rotogravure or flexo printing
(Of various materials, sizes and shapes)