For over 40 years Reprochem is specialize in the production of chemical products and accessories for the preparation of cylinders for rotogravure printing, with an extensive distribution network that cover Italy, Europe and many countries outside the EU.
Reprochem boasts an ultra-modern R&D laboratory provided with the most sophisticated technological equipments.
Both the constant research activities and the careful analysis of the different and specific needs of the customer, enable excellence in the production quality.
To ensure constant quality standards, particular attention is paid to the entire production cycle, from raw materials to finished products.
The products are developed completely from Reprochem and their implementation is carried out exclusively in Italy at the company headquarters, in order to maintain reliability and end user guarantee.
Thanks to the ultra-forty experience in the chemical Reprochem is able to provide, in addition to standard products, even highly customized solutions according to the different needs and demands of the customer.
Reprochem in 1997 obtained ISO 9002 certification and in 2000 ISO 9001 certification.